RM Surprises BTS With His New Hidden Talent

They were SHOOK.

From rapping to songwriting, BTS‘s RM has many talents, but sports…aren’t his strongest suit.

RM | Run BTS!/V Live

Like several of his members, RM struggled to get the hang of table tennis in Episode 139 of Run BTS! Try as he might, RM’s serves swerved and his hits missed.

| Run BTS!/V Live 

After losing a match to Jimin, RM was given one more chance to stay in the tournament. He competed in a consolation match against Jungkook and Jin. The game? Hit the target.

Jungkook (left), Jin (middle), and RM (right) | Run BTS!/V Live

Much to everyone’s surprise, RM’s aim was amazing! He hit the target (a paddle) not once but twice!

| Run BTS!/V Live

Jungkook’s reactions were priceless. Although he wanted to win (as always), he was happy for his hyung!

| Run BTS!/V Live 

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out so well for Jin!

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