A Teen Magazine’s Interview With BTS’s RM Is Proven To Be Completely Fabricated — Here’s What Really Happened

A spokesperson for BTS confirmed it never took place.

ARMY’s intuition is always right when it comes to BTS, and it was no different when fans got a funny feeling about a magazine’s recent interview with RM.

| @totalgirl_mag/Instagram

Australian teen magazine Total Girl published an exclusive solo interview with RM in their latest issue featuring BTS. However, it didn’t take long for fans’ suspicions to grow, raising questions of the interview’s legitimacy.

Not only has it been quite some time since BTS has done any Australian press, fans also noted the members rarely do solo interviews. With none of the members currently promoting a solo project, it’s even less likely they would accept individual press.

With all of the interview’s answers containing generic BTS trivia information that’s easily found online, fans began to wonder if a real interview ever took place.

Their suspicions were soon confirmed by a spokesperson for BTS who revealed to BuzzFeed News that the interview never happened.

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Unfortunately, many celebrities are no stranger to the world of fake published interviews. Total Girl magazine has yet to respond to the issue.

Source: BuzzFeed News