BTS’s RM Confesses That The Long-Term Effects Of COVID-19 Goes Against His Original Philosophy

RM vented the frustration he’s been holding inside.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, BTS‘s RM vented about some frustrations that he’s been holding inside.

With the COVID-19 social distancing measures having been in effect for around a year now, many have adjusted to a new routine excluding many face-to-face interactions.

But RM cautiously confessed that the long-term effects of the measures have left a big void in his career.

After a year of not being able to put on performances, I feel like the framework we worked so hard to build is gone.

— RM

He even added that it makes him question what he deserves.

To be honest, I keep thinking, ‘Is it okay to work like this? Is it okay to make money working like this?

— RM


According to RM, BTS has always worked with the mentality to give it their all, but COVID-19 ultimately prevented them from doing so.

We worked with the mindset of putting our lives on the line, but once the moments that require sweat and passion were taken away, I kind of feel like I can’t hold my head up high.

— RM

While everyone would agree that he’s still giving it his all, RM’s biggest worry is how much longer he can continue without performing for his fans in person.

For RM, the guilt is real, and it just goes to show how much his fans, as well as his career, mean to him.

Source: Insight