ARMYs Are Shook By The High Price Of BTS RM’s Speaker

It’s like an art piece!

For years, BTS‘s RM shared his music recommendations with ARMY via Twitter under the hashtag “#RMusic.”

Since the BTS members got Instagram, RM has continued sharing what he is currently listening to via the Stories feature. His latest recommendation is “erase me” by American singer-songwriter Lizzy McAlpine featuring English singer-songwriter Jacob Collier.

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As RM had shared a screenshot from his Spotify account, the device from which he was listening also appeared as “BEOPLAY A9_31143125.”

The Beoplay A9 speakers are no ordinary speakers, though. They have a rather peculiar design.

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RM’s speaker was actually previously spotted in a photo of his home. Yet, it was easily mistaken for an art piece. The designers intended for it to be displayed as such while functioning as a high-quality speaker that fills the room with music.

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ARMYs are not surprised to find out that RM’s home speaker doubles as an art piece. This is RM, after all.

On the other hand, what has many ARMYs shook by is the price range for these speakers. When one searches for “Beoplay A9” speakers online, many listings appear, ranging in cost from $3,499 to $4,800 USD.

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Based on RM’s previous Instagram post, it appears that he may own the “Gold Tone” version, which costs $3,777 USD. It has a wool cover, and you have the option to customize its legs.

Behind Beoplay A9’s effortless exterior lies an intricate world of power. Seven custom-built drivers deliver exceptional detail. Clear vocals, crisp instrumentation, deep bass – and enough volume to fill any room. It’s as rich as it is rounded.

— Beoplay

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While we know RM has money, ARMYs still struggled to fathom the cost of his speaker, considering the average cost of speakers is $50 – $500 USD.


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The Beoplay A9 speakers look like art pieces and cost like them too!

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