BTS shows off their humorous dancing skills to girl group tracks on “Weekly Idol”

Idol group BTS made an exciting appearance on the recent episode of MBC Every1‘s Weekly Idol where they showed off their dancing skills not only to their own songs but to girl group songs!

Aired on December 16th, the first member up was J-Hope who danced to Red Velvet‘s “Ice Cream Cake,” following much of the original choreography before showing off hilarious freestyle moves.

Next up was member V who chose to dance to Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee,” everyone raving over how cute he looked as he started to burst into laughter mid-way.

Rap Monster takes the stage next with an epic cover of EXID‘s “Up & Down,” moving his hips hilariously but on point from side to side, causing everyone on the set to roar in laughter. Super Junior‘s Heechul, taking part of the show as one of the MCs alongside Defconn, loved the move so much he even tried it with Rap Monster as well!

Jungkook and Jimin takes on “Up & Down” as well with their own personal charisma (and moves). Watch it below: