BTS Sold Over 2.3 Million Physical Albums In 2018

Everyone wanted a BTS album in 2018.

Now that 2018 has come to an end, Hanteo, a chart which tracks the sale of physical albums have released their end of year chart. BTS had by far the most sales of any individual group in 2018.

First of all, Love Yourself: Her which was released in September of 2017 still managed 73,589 sales in 2018. This brought its cumulative total up to 1,070,389.

Love Yourself: Tear, the next installment in the Love Yourself series was released in May and it sold a staggering 1,269,290 physical copies.

The third and final album of the Love Yourself series, Love Yourself: Answer was released in August. In just a few months it was bought 1,010,227 times!

So all together, BTS sold 2,353,106 physical albums in just 2018! That’s an incredible amount.

That’s up almost 1 million physical sales from 2017. BTS’ popularity continues to grow and this is reflected in the Hanteo sales.

It’s also interesting to note that the three Love Yourself albums are the only individual albums to ever surpass 1 million sales on Hanteo.

EXO and Wanna One were the closest acts to BTS’ numbers this year. I wonder what albums will explode on Hanteo’s charts in 2019.