BTS Had The Worst “Guests” At Their Dorm, And They Were Determined To Get Rid Of Them

They shared a story about their old dorm on “In the SOOP”.

Some house guests are more welcome than others, but BTS‘s needed to be kicked out ASAP!

The members now live in a luxury apartment complex for celebrities, but it wasn’t always that way. Besides being cramped and messy, BTS’s old home had a serious pest problem.

In Episode 2 of In the SOOP, the members shared funny stories about their old dorm while eating dinner. One of these stories was about the mosquitos that tormented them day and night.

Usually, RM loves animals and nature, but those tiny vampires had to die. 

It wasn’t just one or two blood-suckers. There were so many that BTS’s beds and ceiling were stained with blood. It gives the song “Attack On Bangtan” a whole new meaning!

There were so many mosquitos that Suga used to wonder if someone was breeding them in the apartment below them. At the time, it couldn’t have been easy to live in those conditions, but they can all laugh about it now.

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