BTS Can’t Help But Spilling The Tea On Their Past Arguments During The Recent “Run BTS!” Episode

From gaming, bananas, and dumplings, BTS spilled the tea!

After over ten years together, it isn’t surprising that ARMYs love the fact that BTS is more like a family than just an idol group. From training, debuting, and conquering the world, the members have been through the highs and lows of the K-Pop industry together, which has cemented their close bond.

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Of course, all families argue, and the same can be said for the members of BTS. The group has never been afraid to share some hilarious stories with ARMYs, and the recent episode of Run BTS! was the perfect chance to share more anecdotes.

The members continued their “Telepathy” mission in the recent episode as they had to pick places to match with keywords. In the second round, the word was “sulking.”


As soon as the word was announced, the members were ready to spill the tea on some of the arguments they had over the years.

Jimin‘s first thought went to the group’s second dorm, which was next to a Chinese restaurant. Although it seemed random, the idol looked at leader RM and said, “Hey, you and Suga fought on the first day of moving.”


Jimin then continued to spill on his members’ habits when he started sharing their tendencies when they were upset. For RM, Jimin explained, “When you were upset, you ran away to your parents’ house.” He then explained that Jin needed sleep when he was upset, and the group’s oldest member agreed but added that he needed food as well.


The next person to spill was J-Hope. After missing the members on the first round, he thought the next one was obvious, thinking about the practice room. He also thought the same as Suga, adding, “We had a high fight. Let’s go with the dumpling incident.” 

J-Hope was referring to the iconic dumpling fight where V wanted to eat dumplings before practicing, but Jimin suggested they wait until after. It’s a story netizens love hearing.


J-Hope then wondered if it was too trivial and tried to think of more personal times when he was upset… and it all came back to the iconic banana incident with Jungkook.


In a documentary, the members joked that they’d fought a lot over food. J-Hope explained, “I even threw [Jungkook] a banana.” The duo then went on to explain what actually happened during the incident, but they all saw the funny side to it after J-Hope took a banana that a fan had gifted to Jungkook.

It seems like J-Hope wasn’t the only one who had the banana incident on his mind, as Jungkook also thought of the memory as a moment to link with “sulking.”


Although they didn’t all go to the same place, they eventually met in the same location for the next round and started discussing their past choices. It soon became a time to reminisce about all the arguments the members had. Jin even added, “Stop arguing, guys,” before remembering an argument over a game with Jimin.


Even though idols are meant to have a perfect image, they’re human after all. BTS has spent so long together that it isn’t surprising that they’ve had their fair share of arguments. ARMYs love that they don’t mind sharing it with fans as it gives them more of an insight into the group’s past.

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