BTS’s “Strawberry Leader” Jin Proves Just How Sweet He Is By Personally Delivering Strawberries To His Personal Trainer

He’s so kind!

BTS Jin‘s strawberry agenda is thriving!

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Just last week, Jin’s brother, Kim Seok Jung, revealed that Jin had personally delivered fresh strawberries from their uncle’s farm to Ah Reum, Kim Seok Jung’s pregnant wife.

Because the pregnant woman wanted to eat these, a very precious person personally delivered the strawberries themselves. So freaking delicious!!

— Kim Seok Jung

J-Hope also revealed that Jin had delivered strawberries to him.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Jin also personally delivered fresh strawberries to his fitness trainer, Kim Jin Woo.

Kim Jin Woo | @givn_jinwoo/Instagram

Kim Jin Woo posted a photo of the strawberries Jin gave to him on Instagram.

I’m filled with gratitude because he (Jin) didn’t forget and came to see me. As always, he’s a guy I’m thankful to. #ThankYouBro #StrawberryDelivery #LoyalGuy #Jinnie

— Kim Jin Woo

Clearly, RM was on to something when he nicknamed Jin the “leader of strawberries!” 

           Jin: Strawberry

           RM: Leader of strawberries, You went there to prove yourself

           RM: Please bring some strawberries when you are back!

Jin is so sweet for going out of his way to make his loved ones’ day by bringing them fresh strawberries!