BTS And Stray Kids Shot At The Same Location But Served Totally Different Vibes

Two amazing groups, one venue!

Different K-Pop artists show the versatility of filming locations when two groups film in the same space and make it completely their own. Recently, BTS and Stray Kids did just that!

BTS on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” | The Tonight Show/YouTube

Located in Yeonjongdo, “Airjoy” is a recently closed down shopping mall with wide-open space and visible floors that make for the perfect music video set or performance stage.

Airjoy | @yunmiii__/Twitter

BTS recently made their TV debut of their latest single “Permission To Dance” in the space while on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” The venue was gorgeously decorated with purple balloons, a motif that appeared in the music video symbolizing hope and the end of COVID-19.

| The Tonight Show/YouTube
| The Tonight Show/YouTube

However, it didn’t take fans long to realize the familiar location is also home to Stray Kids’ 2020 music video “Back Door.”

| Stray Kids/YouTube
| Stray Kids/YouTube

While BTS matched the bright and optimistic vibes of “Permission To Dance” with their lively decor, Stray Kids showed their edgy color with their bold dance and dramatic set.

Different groups film at the same location all the time. Check out how BTS and ITZY chose the same location for their music videos below!

BTS And ITZY Shot At The Same Location But Served Totally Different Vibes