BTS Suga Predicted The Future in “Agust D” Lyrics

It seems as if BTS‘s Suga can predict the future as the lyrics he made when he released his track “Agust D” back in August happened in real life!

Suga released his first mixtape back in August of 2016 named Agust D. In his song, the lyrics tell of how Suga is different from others who don’t try hard. Aimed at his haters, he bragged that he is a higher class than them. His target is Billboard, Brazil, and New York.

“Next up is Billboard. Brazil to New York I’m about to burn this passport.”

Agust D

His lyrics came true as BTS most recently held one of their concerts in Brazil for The Wings Tour! BTS fans in Brazil even surprised Rap Monster during his solo stage with a special gift!

After completing their concert in Brazil, they immediately came to Newark, New Jersey to continue their tour, but stopped by Billboard in New York for an interview. It seems as if Suga was able to predict this in his lyrics as BTS literally came from Brazil to New York!

BTS has been on numerous Billboard charts already and to see them getting interviewed by Billboard personally, just shows what a great feat they have overcome.


BTS is here for #BillboardLive

Posted by Billboard on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thanks to fans who showed their support and love for BTS, the lyrics Suga wrote became a reality. BTS has shown what a large fanbase and community they have gathered.

Check out Suga’s music video!