BTS Suga’s Current Earnings Compared To His Part-Time Job Income As A Trainee Revealed By Mnet

The amount has increased by 70,000!

Looking at BTS in 2022, it is almost impossible to imagine the group as anything but successful. Everything they touch seems to turn into gold, whether it’s their music, concerts, appearances, or advertisements. Yet, it’s also known that the group has suffered many hardships to get to where they are now.

One member who has always gained attention for his past and his journey to becoming an idol is Suga.

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When Suga first joined BigHit Entertainment, hoping to make it in the music industry, he still continued to work. In an interview, he shared that he did it because the company was in debt.

| tvN D ENT/YouTube 
| tvN D ENT/YouTube

Yet, it was this desire to help the company that also caused him pain as, while on a delivery, Suga got into an accident and injured his shoulder. It was only in 2020 that Suga got surgery on his shoulder to help fix the injury from all those years ago.

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Despite the injuries, Suga has thrived since debuting and BTS is now one of the biggest artists in the world. Not only does BTS tour worldwide, releasing music for fans and sharing their lives with ARMYs…

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But Suga has also made a mark with his own music, whether it’s releasing tracks under Agust D or featuring on PSY‘s latest song, “That That.”

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Suga in PSY’s video | officialpsy/YouTube     

Yet, it seems like the extent of Suga’s transformation through his hard work cannot truly be appreciated until you compare his past to the present.

Mnet’s weekly TMI Show recently had a look at the idols who had to have part-time jobs before their debut, and it looked at the theme of “From rags to riches!” with idols who went from being part-timers to worldwide sensations. Unsurprisingly, Suga was in first place.

Although it is well known that Suga worked a part-time job before debuting to help the company through debts and to support himself, it was the true difference in salaries that showcases the change in lifestyle.

According to the show, putting together Suga’s jobs of working at a convenience store and delivery driver, the idol only made around ₩220,000 KRW (about $171 USD) in three days.

Yet, fast forward ten years, and the show then showcased the difference. By looking at the estimated annual income of the group from all of their projects, and not even taking into consideration the income from Suga’s own solo projects and working with artists, such as PSY, the rapper is estimated to earn around ₩154 billion KRW (about $120 million USD).

If that isn’t impressive enough, it’s a whole 70,000 times more money than he was earning with his part-time jobs.

The huge change in salaries doesn’t just come from luck and good timing. Since becoming a trainee, Suga and the rest of BTS have worked extremely hard to get to where they are and continue to showcase a strong work ethic to continue growing.

You can read the whole story of Suga’s career below.

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Source: Mnet

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