BTS Suga’s Trending New Look Draws An Unexpected Comparison

Fans couldn’t help but point out the similarities 😂

BTS‘s Suga added to his series of portraits on Instagram that seem to be unofficially chronicling his hair growth along with his striking visuals. Almost immediately, “HIS HAIR” began to trend on Twitter as ARMYs reacted to the new picture.

Aside from “HIS HAIR,” another unexpected keyword began to trend in association with Suga’s new picture, which amused fans with the comparison.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Since BTS wrapped their “Yet to Come” promotions and largely began focusing on their individual activities, many members are letting their natural hair grow out.

While each member has been driving fans wild with their long hair, Suga, in particular, garners attention with his rare posts since he has mostly been laying low since BTS’s “Yet to Come” promotions and Busan concert.

BTS’s Suga making a rare public appearance at the “NBA Japan Games” in September | @agustd/Instagram

Suga has been documenting his hair growth through sporadic Instagram posts. His most recent photo was also posted by a popular Korean fashion photographer, Yeongjun Kim, leading fans to hope that a pictorial is in the works for Suga.

Suga’s most recent Instagram photo | @agustd/Instagram

Suga’s photo from October 6, taken by the same photographer, Yeongjun Kim | @agustd/Instagram

The photo immediately went viral, drawing hilarious comparisons to none other than Suga’s dog Holly.

Holly (also stylized as Holy) is a brown toy poodle with adorable curly hair. The sweet dog is beloved by Suga and ARMY, and the BTS member consistently proves he’s the best dog dad.

BTS’s Suga celebrating Holly’s birthday | @agustd/Instagram

Fans noticed the similarity between Holly’s curls and Suga’s from his recent photo and began posting side-by-side pictures of the two.

Suga’s fellow BTS members Jin and Jungkook were also hilariously drawn into the comparisons.

Not only were fans sharing similar photos, but Holly also began to trend on Twitter alongside his famous dad.

Aside from the funny “like father, like son” comparisons, fans are also acknowledging how handsome Suga is with his long hair.

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