BTS Reveals The Song That Comes To Mind When They Think Of ARMY

Here’s what they chose.

During BTS‘s recent interview with Tokopedia, the members picked some of their most iconic songs for different categories during a song recommendation segment.

| Tokopedia

First, the members were asked which song they would choose for someone who doesn’t know BTS yet.

Jungkook didn’t hesitate to pick “Dope,” BTS’s 2015 single known for its iconic dance moves and boastful lyrics.

The song displays BTS’s signature color and fiery energy. However, Jungkook revealed the specific reason he recommends it to newbies.

Yes, since it has the line ‘Welcome, first time with BTS?’

— Jungkook

“Dope” is definitely a great choice. It’s unforgettable for anyone who watches it — ARMY or not!

Next, J-Hope was asked which song comes to mind when he thinks of ARMY.

I think it’s the song Jungkook composed. ‘Magic Shop’ is the song that comes to mind hearing ‘ARMY.’

— J-Hope

J-Hope chose the sentimental track from 2018 that holds many memories, including “ARMY Time” during the Love Yourself Tour’s setlist where fans would hold slogans with various messages for BTS.

With the song’s meaning of BTS and ARMY sharing an eternal bond, there’s no doubt that fans agree with their thoughtful choice!