Fans Are Weak For BTS V’s Adorable Reactions In Recent Episode Of “Run BTS!”

What a fluffy boy!

In episode 133 of Run BTS!, V couldn’t help but show off his adorable image with his ridiculously cute reactions.

Before starting the game, V blows on his hands as a way for him to prepare for the match.

But seriously though, who looks that cute while warming up their hands?

Just look at how adorable his smile is after he gets a question right!

V speaking in tiny after RM‘s shouting is the most precious thing you will see today!

And we can’t forget him sending all his love towards Jimin in order to get some food.

And of course all his cuteness worked as he got to eat a bunch of yummy snacks!

But honestly, who wouldn’t fall for V’s adorable charms!

Source: theqoo