This Is How BTS’s V Pumps Up His Arm Muscles For A Sleeveless Music Video Scene

He can’t stop working out!

In a recent Bangtan Bomb, BTS‘s V showed ARMYs everything it takes to prepare for his sleeveless scenes during the “Butter” music video shoot!

After doing some exercises to pump up his muscles, he checks himself in the camera to see if the definition is visible.

While ARMYs see only perfection, V sees his own “flaws!”

Did I not lose a lot of weight?

— V

V even showed off how the “elephant” has become bigger!

By pinching the skin between his two freckles, he creates the adorable face of an elephant. However, with his new muscular arms, the elephant has grown!

He continues by doing some push-ups…

…and Suga took the opportunity to poke fun at his excessive preparation!

V’s going to be like, ‘I can’t lift my arms!’

— Suga

J-Hope even felt the vibration of V’s arm while posing as the “M” in the word “ARMY.”

In the end, the members were totally satisfied with V’s muscles!

Watch V’s full workout below.