BTS’s V And Choi Woo Shik Roleplay As “Husbands,” And It’s Too Wholesome


On In the SOOP: Friendcation, there’s no telling what will happen — but we’re here for it all! Best friends BTS‘s VPeakboyPark Hyung SikPark Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik continue their vacation in Episode 2.

“In The SOOP: Friendcation” poster | Disney+

With each new episode of this reality series, fans are learning more about the “Wooga Squad” dynamics and making memories alongside them. In this episode, the squad chatted about their first impressions of each other, shared stories, and more.


As ARMYs know, V loves to roleplay whenever he can. For example, he transformed into a musical theatre character and called out to a mystery muse while filming BTS’s “Black Swan” MV.

When V asked Choi Woo Shik what he was up to (washing a chicken for dinner), Choi Woo Shik said, “I’m bathing our baby.” Obviously.


Without hesitation, V embraced his new role: doting husband and chicken father. “Honey,” he said sweetly to Choi Woo Shik. “After you bathe our baby, wipe it dry.” 


Welcome to the family, precious poultry!

Can they adopt us too?