Comedy King V Brings Humor To BTS’s Kitchen—Without Even Trying

No one can stop laughing 😂

BTS‘s V really knows how to get people laughing out of nowhere!

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, famous Korean chef Baek Jong Won was invited to judge BTS’s cooking. V asked him two questions that brought laughter to the kitchen that day.

It all started when J-Hope commented on Baek Jong Won’s stature.

RM agreed and confessed that they expected him to be bigger in person: “We thought you were really big“.

In response, Baek Jong Won joked that they should call him slim, otherwise viewers will imagine him to be smaller than he really is: “If you say that, people will think I’m small. You should say I’m slim“.

V joined in on the conversation, revealing his first impression of the famous chef.

Baek Jong Won clarified that his shoulders appear wider when he takes his clothes off…

…to which V asked in surprise if he was really planning to do it.

His sincere question made everyone on set laugh, including the chef!

Later in the episode, the boys brought up the much-debated topic of pineapples on pizza, asking Baek Jong Won if he is in favor of it.

Out of nowhere, V asked him if he is capable of eating eight hardtacks in a minute: “Can you eat 8 hardtacks in 1 minute?

Unsurprisingly, his very random question caused everyone to burst out laughing!

After they all calmed down, they remarked on how he’s been saying things like that since the start of the show.

If anything, V proved in this episode that he truly is a king of comedy!

Source: BTS EngSub