BTS’s V Finally Knows All About The “Grandmother’s First Love” Meme, And ARMYs Can’t Get Enough

The secret’s out!

Since BTS created their own Instagram accounts, they’ve been sending ARMYs crazy with a flurry of content despite being on their extended vacation. Even though the members are resting, they’ve shared updates with fans from what they did on their American trip, videos in quarantine, and much more.

One member who has particularly gained a lot of love for his updates is V! After creating his account, ARMYs have loved his content from snippets of unreleased songs, his Squid Game outfit, and more.


Yet, amongst the aesthetically pleasing scenery images and adorable pictures of his dog Yeontan, one update on December 12 (KST) had ARMYs worldwide swooning.

V posted a stunning vintage-style photo of himself looking extremely handsome, and it had the caption, “1921.”

| @thv/ Instagram

The photo posted was an edit made by a talented ARMY which was based on V’s concept photo for version 3 of the Map Of The Soul 7 album, which was first released in February 2020.

| BigHit Entertainment

When the image was shared, ARMYs joked that it was the true epitome of “Grandmother’s first love,” a meme that has been very popular in K-Pop. Netizens will post images of their favorite idol with vintage filters to look like something taken back in the early 1900s.

The concept comes from women who would send their husbands to war but would always keep a photo and later show it to their family, saying it was their “first love.” ARMYs are not afraid of sharing their edits when it comes to V.

| Naver
| Naver

Yet, what had ARMYs even crazier was that before sharing the image on Instagram, he posted the original pictures from the photoshoot, and he didn’t know where the image had come from or whether it was an edit.

| Weverse

A fan then shared with V on Weverse the actual concept behind the image, explaining that the image wasn’t edited. They then sent him more photos of the concept, which was then used for V’s Instagram post after he replied, “Ah, this one came out better, thank you!”

| Weverse
| Weverse

Once ARMYs shared the posts online, fans couldn’t get over the fact that V now knew about the idea of “Grandmother’s first love” and even went as far as using the meme concept when thinking of the Instagram image’s caption that read, “1921.”

Although the image was posted on December 12, the day after, it spread into Korean media, with outlets posting all about the interaction between V and ARMYs. It even trended on Twitter with some of the top searches being related to V’s latest post.

Whether it’s a vintage picture or a normal selfie, V will definitely be a lot of people’s first love! As the phrase trended online, it has shown just how much impact V has whenever he posts a new image on the platform.

You can read more about V’s influence with his new Instagram account below.

Source: ThV and Weverse