BTS’s V Shone At Incheon Airport But Here’s Why A Staff Member Also Stole The Hearts Of Netizens

The worker was truly living her best life!

No matter where BTS‘s V goes, he becomes the main event, and all eyes are drawn to him no matter what. However, there are rare occasions that those around him also catch the attention of fans, especially when they’re reacting to seeing him.

The same happened after a member of staff at the airport gained attention as V left for America through Incheon Airport.


Of course, as soon as V arrived at the airport, he captured the hearts of everyone that saw him. Even with his unique outfit, he seemed like a supermodel that walked straight off a catwalk at one of the biggest fashion events in the world.

Even walking through the airport, V captured the hearts of ARMYs and the media as he transformed Incheon Airport into his own personal catwalk.

However, as handsome and adorable as BTS’s V was, someone else caught the attention of fans… and it was the airport officer who was checking V in.

When V arrived at her desk, the woman adorably decided to hide behind her post after noticing the huge amount of media taking pictures of V. She also seemed to be looking at V as the idol adorably greeted all of his fans.

Yet, as the person in front of V passed through the barriers, the woman stole the hearts of ARMYs. As V carried on waving at the press, the woman quickly put up a piece sign for the media, and it seemed as if she was smiling from the look in her eye.

When it was V’s turn, the woman was truly respectful and allowed the idol to go through quickly. However, she is only human. As V walked through, she kept eye contact with the media before quickly turning around and watching the idol walk.

When videos of V at the airport were posted, some netizens couldn’t stop looking at the woman, adding just how iconic she really was at that moment.


BTS’s V might be a global superstar, but people around them always gain attention, even if they are just staff. While some people might get flustered around BTS members, the woman at the airport truly cemented her iconic status with her reaction.

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Source: Newsen