BTS’s V Introduced The Rap Line With A Witty New Nickname

ARMYs are loving the new name already.

BTS‘s V is known for having a great sense of humor and proved it as an MC for Jungkook‘s Artist-Made Collection with a witty new nickname for the group’s rap line.


To make sure Jungkook’s hoodies were shown off to their full potential, RM, J-Hope, and Suga wore the different colors and had fun dancing around in them.

When it came time for V to introduce the members of the rap line, he said the “models” were specially cast for the role because they’d “recently gone viral with their song ‘UGH!’.

Keeping the storyline going, V came up with a witty new nickname for the rap line that tied in perfectly with their song. He said, “People call them UGHS.” The name was so sudden even Jungkook wondered where it came from.

Making the moment funnier, J-Hope was so into his role as a model that V had to reign him in just a bit so Jungkook could explain the details of the hoodies.

The UGHS definitely live up to their name with their energy. Fans were also quick to use the new name V created and had a laugh at how fitting it was.

Are you loving the UGHS as much as V and fellow ARMYs?

Source: Naver Live