Even Lea Salonga Can’t Get Her Hands On BTS’s Sold Out Merch, Thanks To “Bots”

She is calling out resellers and “bots.”

Singer Lea Salonga, the voice of Disney‘s Mulan, is “swift as the coursing river,” but even she wasn’t fast enough to buy BTS‘s new merchandise!

Lea Salonga | Lea Salonga/leasalonga.com

In 2020, Salonga–who has acted in over a dozen musicals over the course of her 44-year career–fell down the BTS rabbit hole, thanks to “Dynamite.” Now, she is among the fans who can’t get their hands on V‘s sold out merch. 

V’s MUTE bag | Weverse

On January 11, Weverse launched the pre-order release for V’s collection at 11 AM KST. Within seconds, V’s items (a MUTE Boston bag and brooch set) sold out. Soon after, Salonga jumped on Twitter to express her “heartbreak” about the merch-buying “bloodbath.”

Like other fans, she is frustrated by the alleged use of bots to poach merch, which makes items “inaccessible to fans.” 

Those sold-out items are now being listed for more than double their original prices on eBay, despite the fact that Weverse has not yet shipped the items.

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