Yeontan Is Gaining Attention After BTS’s V Shares Message Of Support For Korean Athlete Shin Yubin, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

Is Yeontan as famous as V now?

On July 26, BTS‘s V caught the attention of fans after sending a message of support to Korean Olympian Shin Yubin, who has made no secret of how much of an ARMY she is!

Athlete Shin Yubin (left) and BTS’s V (right) | @shin_yubin_/Instagram

On Weverse, after a fan posted about the athlete’s achievement, V replied with “Fighting!” Fans couldn’t help but get excited for Shin Yubin, who received a message of support from her bias!

Yet, it seems like the Korean media outlet has had to focus on more than just the sweet gesture when reporting it in the news. On Weverse, fans know exactly how to identify each member. For V, his name is “Joo Yoontan,” which combines his dog Yeontan and actor Chow Yun Fat, whose name is pronounced “Joo Yoon Bal” in Korean.

BTS V’s message to Shin Yubin | Weverse

Because of this, many Korean media outlets have had to clarify in their news articles that it was actually V who sent the message to Shin Yubin rather than Yeontan. For example, many written outlets have had to explain the meaning behind V’s username.

Although for ARMY, this would be obvious, it is hilarious that many news outlets are worried that non-K-Pop fans might think it was Yeontan who sent words of support to Yubin!

After fans found out about this, they took to social media, and many of them found it hilarious that they had to clarify who had sent the message.

It is not the first time that Yeontan has made the news. Over the years, media worldwide has fallen in love with V’s pet, just like ARMYs! Hopefully, by clarifying the meaning behind V’s Weverse name, people won’t get too confused in the future if they see a picture of Yeontan on the news.

BTS’s V Sends Message Of Support To Korean Athlete Shin Yubin While She Is Competing In The Tokyo Olympics

Source: TheTaePrint and FI