BTS’s V Just Unlocked The Music Sharing Feature On Instagram And He’s Already Using It Like A Seasoned Pro

What’s next?? An Instagram Reel? (We can hope)

BTS has been so busy living their crazy international pop sensation lives that we forgot that normal things like Instagram and social media might be a foreign concept to them.

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All 7 members opened up their own personal Instagram accounts this past week, and it was like Christmas morning for ARMYs. New pictures, Instagram profile pictures, new bios, comments under each members’ posts—there was a lot to be seen.

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And while all that doesn’t seem like much given the long list of BTS’s achievements (like Grammy nominations and sold out world tours), the seven members are all going about learning the photo-sharing app together and in front of millions of followers.

As V returned to Korea just yesterday, heading straight into a 10 day self-quarantine, he seems to be using this time to be particularly active on social media.

He’s posted on Weverse, Twitter, and Instagram all in the same day! ARMYs are eating up all the content and now it looks like the “Sweet Night” singer has unlocked a new feature on the Instagram app. The music sharing feature for Stories!

This was inevitable, V’s always loved sharing music while on live broadcast, so it’s no surprise that he took to Instagram to share a song that he’s particularly into at the moment. It’s almost as if we’re watching the slow progression of V learning all the cool things you can do on Instagram in real time!

V posted a story of himself listening to Troye Sivan‘s “Easy” on Spotify tagging the singer, and adding the song’s lyrics over it with Instagram’s music sharing feature.

I cant even look at you, would you look at the space next to your feet the world is warping

—Troye Sivan, “Easy”

Of course that had ARMYs wondering if V was posting the song because he was just enjoying the song, or if it was a hint that the two were working together on something.

With BTS you just really never know, so the possibilities are endless!

“Troye Sivan” and “Easy” became the top 3 search queries on Melon soon after V posted to his story. The power!

Troye Sivan then responded by reposting V’s story to his story with a “thank u Taehyung!!”

“Heartbreak Anniversary” singer Giveon himself manifested working with V via Twitter yesterday, and now we have Troye Sivan reposting V’s Instagram story. What a time to be an ARMY!

V also shared a glimpse of an unreleased song of his on his story. Check it out below!

BTS’s V Surprises ARMY By Revealing Unreleased Song