BTS’s V Breaks His Own Record For The Shortest Live Broadcast — And It Was Even Too Quick For Weverse

V is just too fast for Weverse… which is a problem for ARMYs!😂

BTS’s V recently beat his own record for the shortest Weverse live broadcast, and it was so fast that even Weverse couldn’t keep up.


Like all of the members of BTS, V loves randomly going live to chat with ARMYs on Weverse. Yet, the idol has become known for his very random and very short broadcasts, even setting the record for the shortest Weverse Live ever.

On September 4, V shared a photo of a beautiful sunset.

Yet, it didn’t seem enough for the idol, who decided he really wanted to allow ARMYs to witness what he was seeing, so he turned on Weverse while he was in the car. While he was being driven, V pointed his camera out of the window so that ARMYs could see the beautiful view.

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| BTS/Weverse
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While ARMYs thought they’d only see the sky, V surprised them with a glimpse of his handsome face… before switching the live broadcast off after only 1 minute and 8 seconds.

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When the live finished, netizens couldn’t get over how short it was but loved that V wanted to share the beautiful scenery with ARMYs, even if it was only for a minute.

Yet, while fans weren’t too surprised as V is known for his short live broadcasts, it seems like it was even too fast for Weverse. ARMYs pointed out that by the time they got the notification from Weverse about V’s broadcast, it had already ended. While many complained that Weverse wasn’t fast enough, maybe the point was that V was too fast for the platform.

It seems like V needs to let Weverse know to be quicker if he wants to keep doing rapid live broadcasts, as it seems many ARMYs missed it because it ended before they got the notification.

Source: BTS/Weverse