BTS’s V Has The Visuals Of A Prince In New “You Quiz On The Block” Trailer

How is he real?

In tvN‘s second teaser video of You Quiz On The Block, BTS‘s V is making ARMYs go wild for his handsome visuals.

Dressed up in a suit and tie, the classic and sexy style is perfect for him.

It may seem like a simple look…

…but for V, it lets his stunning visuals get all the attention!

From his smile to his aura, everything about V is making ARMYs fall for his princely visuals.

Netizens couldn’t help but address his royal visuals.

The prince is hereㅠㅠ

Wow, handsome, cute and so pretty

Prince…? ♥

He has the feeling of a real prince

— TheQoo Netizens

The prince has indeed arrived!

Check out the full trailer below.


Source: TheQoo