BTS’s V Says His Self-Designed Bag Can Be Used As A Dog Carrier, So An ARMY Put It To The Test

Do you think he carries Yeontan in the bag?

BTS V‘s self-designed Mute Boston Bag is as functional as it is fashionable!

BTS’s V | @louisvuitton/Instagram

Some of the lucky ARMYs who managed to order the Mute Boston Bag that V designed before it sold out have already received their bags.

| Weverse

Those lucky ARMYs are sharing photos of the bag online, as well as photos of the photocard and making log that came with the bag.

| @miiniyoongs/Twitter

In the making log, V answered questions about the bag and gave tips to ARMY on how to get the most use out of the bag. Surprisingly, he said the bag can be used as a dog carrier!

Q. What is the greatest thing about this product in your opinion?
A. It’s the epitome of a classic bag.
Q. Do you have any tips for getting the most out of this bag?
A. You can also use it as a dog carrier.

—V in the making log for the Mute Boston Bag

A Korean ARMY was inspired to see if the bag can really double as a dog carrier, and she tried to fit her own dog into her new Mute Boston bag. As it turned out, V was totally right and the bag really can be used as a dog carrier for small dogs!

| @halarmy91/Twitter

This ARMY took to Twitter to share the news with other BTS fans, and she tagged her post with the hashtag #vtton in reference to Korean ARMYs’ wordplay on V’s stage name and the brand Louis Vuitton.

So it’s true. I would have never known had I not read the instructions! #vtton

Now that we know the bag can be used as a dog carrier, we’re left with one question: Will we ever see V carrying his dog Yeontan in the Mute Boston Bag?

V and Yeontan | @GGUVOEUX/Twitter