BTS V Spills The Secret Of How He Became The Master Of Facial Expressions On Stage

A born idol!

Recently, BTS‘s V appeared on the MBC radio show Kim Eana’s Starry Night as a radio DJ. Since the original host of the show, Kim Eana, is on vacation, Park Hyoshin filled in as a co-host.

In between songs, V and Park, who are good friends, caught up on many behind-the-scenes stories of the idol’s life. During one such conversation, the topic of V’s stage expressions came up.

Park Hyoshin and V | @starnight959/Instagram

V is known as the face genius in the idol industry, not only because of his god-like visuals but the way he carries himself on stage, even when he is not at the center of the choreography.

As the co-host praised him for his facial expressions on stage, V spilled an adorable story of how he came to master the art. When he was a little kid, V would put together small performances for his grandmother and uncle in exchange for pocket money. He feels that those experiences lead him to learn the impeccable stage presence he possesses today.

Needless to say, the bare thought of little V putting up concerts for his family members to earn pocket money was enough to melt down ARMYs’ hearts. This anecdote also made them appreciate V’s hard work to be where he is today even more.