French K-Pop Media Outlet Reveals A DM Sent By One Of BTS V’s Staff In Paris Attempting To Sell His Schedule

ARMYs shared their anger at the lack of security from HYBE!

When it comes to the security of fans, companies will go to huge lengths to protect their idols, especially when it comes to private schedules.

Recently, ARMYs have raised concerns and anger after a fan working with BTS‘s V while abroad tried to sell the idol’s schedules.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Although the media captured V leaving Incheon Airport as they were informed of his departure, his destination was unknown to ARMYs. It made netizens concerned after the idol arrived in Paris and was met with crowds of fans.


Even on his return to Korea, ARMYs were shocked that fans knew about his departure time. Although the media would’ve been aware of his travels, it was still a private schedule that HYBE hadn’t publicized to fans.


Amidst the concerns for V’s safety and privacy, following V’s return to Korea, a French media outlet called @KpopInParis, which covers K-Pop in the country, shared a message they had received pertaining to V’s travels.

The post started with, “Now that Taehyung left, we can speak,” explaining that some people with V or who had access to V’s schedule while he was in Paris had tried to sell them the information.

In the tweet, the account shared a DM sent off the message that was sent to them and also the fact that the user had replied, refusing to accept the information.

Hello, I have information regarding the arrival of the group BTS, reason and timings – are you ready to make money from this information?

— Member from alleged staff member working with V

Some also thought it could be someone not native French as the use of the word “raison” could also mean “rates,” which would make more sense in this context but was an odd word to use as a native French speaker.

The user then revealed that they had been offered the information for €350 and that any rumors about the idol had come from this account.

Although it wasn’t specified, the account shared that it was a member of staff that had attempted to sell the information, but many believe that it wasn’t someone from HYBE but a person who was working with the idol when he was in Paris.

When the post was shared, ARMYs shared their anger at the message being sent, with many calling out HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC for the lack of protection and security for V.

HYBE has yet to respond to the concerns of fans. You can read more about the concerns of fans below.

ARMYs Voice Frustration Over Lack Of Security For BTS’s V At Paris Airport

Source: @KpopInParis/Twitter