BTS’s V Proves Himself To Be A Supportive Bestie By Watching Jungkook’s Live Broadcast

He couldn’t stop laughing! 😂

We all know BTS‘s Jungkook and V have one of the best friendships ever. But, in case you were questioning it, V has proved himself once again of being the supportive bestie we all know he is.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and V (right)

Maknae Jungkook surprised ARMYs late Thursday night with a live broadcast of a sing-along session of some of his favorite songs. While his taste in music couldn’t be more different from his, V still tuned in with the rest of us to see Jungkook enjoying his free time.

Jungkook during his recent VLIVE | BTS/VLIVE via @archivekukk/Twitter

V posted an update on Weverse with a screenshot of Jungkook’s live stream, letting everyone know he was watching too. He posted a short sentence, reacting to what he was seeing. He couldn’t stop laughing because Jungkook was straight-up wildin’! Like a true friend, he calls him out when he was acting a fool. 🤪

| Weverse


— V

It seems like the rest of us, V, might have notifications on to know when BTS goes live… It’s definitely safe to say that V is Jungkook’s biggest fan, and we don’t blame him! ARMYs can’t get over the sweet friendship of these two, and, honestly, neither can we.

Let’s hope that we’ll get a TaeKook live broadcast together soon!

Check out what V had to say about his friendships below:

BTS’s V Describes ARMYs As Friends Who Give Him Strength

Source: Weverse, Image and BTS