BTS’s V Gains Attention After An Interaction With A Tour Guide In America Showcases His True Personality

The OP also shared stories she heard about the whole group!

No matter how big and popular BTS is, wherever they go, it seems like the people who meet them never have anything but kind words to say about the group.

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Recently, an ARMY shared a story from a tour guide who shared the members’ personalities but also BTS V‘s unexpected aegyo while they were in America.


Recently, an ARMY who was in America shared that while there, they bumped into a tour guide who was with BTS while the group was in LA for their concert.

The guide wasn’t afraid to share some heartwarming stories about the group, particularly one where the groups showed their aegyo (cuteness) when it came to going to a restaurant.

He said that after the third concert, (BTS) was all like, ‘Uncle, Uncle, we want to go to In-N-Out,’ But when the guide said they couldn’t because they were busy, they showed him aegyo and went like ‘Aang!’ And the guide said he couldn’t dislike them for it. (He apologized for not letting them eat because they were busy ㅠ).

— OP

At first, ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact that the group was being cute, but later, OP revealed that it was one member in particular who caught the guide’s attention… and it was V.

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OP’s description of V and his use of aegyo was truly the moment that captured the hearts of fans. After the first tweet thread, it seems like the member doing the aegyo was none other than V.

As expected, it was Kim Tae Goon, LOL. I heard he yelled ‘Ang!’ really loudly, LOL; so funny. So [BTS] said our child likes hamburgers, LOL. To which [V] said next time, if he performs again, he’s going to go no matter what. LOL.

— OP

If that wasn’t enough, the OP then shared that the guide had nothing but praise for the entire group throughout his time with them.

The guide said that once their managers and staff is gone, other artists show their guides a side unknown to fans, but BTS spoke so sweetly and didn’t act like ‘boomers’ ㅠㅠ. The guide said when the members consoled each other, they were really admirable.

— OP

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

The OP also explained that the guide emphasized that BTS was like “No other group.” As expected, he shared how nervous he was about working with such a huge group. Of course, BTS ensured that he didn’t have to worry, showcasing their true personalities.

The guide said that he was a little anxious when he heard he would be guiding BTS due to the fact they were world-famous, but they made him feel comfortable as if they were just young men from the neighborhood, LOL.

— OP

As expected, no matter where BTS go, the members make an impact on those that they meet. The fact that V felt comfortable enough to share his aegyo showcase just how confident they are, but without being arrogant.

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