The Way BTS’s V Treats ARMY Reveals His True Personality

His reaction… 🥺

BTS‘s V recently made a special guest appearance on Kim Eana‘s radio show Starry Night. He felt nervous for his first time on a radio show, but there was one thing that helped ease his nerves!

V’s constant love and acknowledgement for the supportive ARMY who came to the event showed just how much his fans truly mean to him. Specifically, he said one thing that left netizens in awe of his genuine love.

V wished he could get closer to fans by inviting them inside the building instead of having them watch the show through the glass.

Why is everyone outside again? They should be inside.

— V

Of course, it might be a dangerous situation to have a big crowd in such a small area, so the fans remain outside. However, V went right up to them and said his greetings before the show began.

During the radio show, whenever he did something he was proud of, he always looked to ARMY for their support!

He explained to them that he felt even more relaxed than the previous day because it was his last day and he had become used to speaking on the radio by now.

There were many endearing moments throughout and after the show! He got a group picture with all of the fans…

…and was surprised when they were all swaying in time with music! In typical V style, he couldn’t resist joining them.

He even made more great memories by recording various things on his own.

Having a ton of fun with fans that night, he always makes sure ARMY leave feeling like they were all acknowledged!

Check out more from his experience on the radio show below.

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