BTS’s V Visits J-Hope’s “MORE” MV Shooting, And Can’t Stop Showering Him With Support

It showcases V’s true personality!

When it comes to the members of BTS, it is a well-known fact that they’re not just a group of idols but are more like a family. After debuting in 2013 and being together as trainees for longer, their bond is unbreakable and they always make sure to show their support for each other.

One member who has always been praised for his attitude towards his members and their solo ventures is BTS’s V.


Well, it seems like V has once again cemented his true personality and how much he values his members.

J-Hope recently released the music video for his track “MORE,” and it truly set the internet on fire with its dark aura and perfectly showcased the idol’s true talent. It isn’t surprising that it sent the internet into meltdown.

J-Hope’s video for “MORE” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Although BTS has done solo schedules and J-Hope has released music videos without the others, it must’ve been odd for the idol to do a full day of shooting without his members. Luckily, V was on hand to ensure that J-Hope wasn’t lonely.

When V made an appearance, J-Hope’s reaction was truly heartwarming as he gave his member a huge hug and introduced him to the staff.

It seems as if neither V nor J-Hope could get over what they were seeing. V couldn’t stop praising J-Hope for his look and how much he was immersed in the filming. On the other hand, J-Hope couldn’t stop thanking his younger member for coming to the set to wish him well.

As V went off set to go and watch, the smile didn’t leave J-Hope’s face as he smirked, “V’s the best.”

V might have had some fun with the camera, joking about his earring but, as soon as the filming started, his attention shifted to watching J-Hope perform his heart out.

When the music started playing, V was jamming along from the sides and seemed immersed in the story that J-Hope was telling through his song and movement. As V explained, J-Hope definitely looked “Cool.”

After the cameras stopped filming, J-Hope went from the superstar to the “Happy Virus” of BTS. Even though it was his filming, J-Hope also couldn’t stop showing love to V and also was rightly obsessed with V’s earrings.

If that wasn’t enough, V even shared that he had bought waffles for J-Hope for his filming. Considering how hard J-Hope was working, the idea of a sweet treat was bought by someone closest to him to show his support.

It also seems like V got his own benefits from showing his support to J-Hope as, after saying he could be a mannequin, he managed to get a cameo role in the music video. ARMYs had already assumed it was V but this confirmed not only the idol’s role in the video but his status as a true friend.

As always, V has proved despite the group focusing on solo ventures, they will always be BTS and showcase their love and support until the day they come back to release music as a group. The members proved they are a true family, and it was definitely heartwarming to see.

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