BTS V’s Shines With His Actions Towards ARMYs While Leaving The “Starry Night” Radio, And It Showcases His True Personality

It comes after a dangerous situation the previous day.

BTS‘s V might be extremely handsome and talented, but he also has a heart of gold. No matter what is happening, he always makes sure to put ARMYs first and do anything to keep them safe.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, V has been praised for his caring personality during a radio show appearance. The idol appeared on the Starry Night radio show, wowing netizens with his visuals and charisma.

Park Hyo Shin (left) and V (right) on the first show | @starnight959/Instagram

Park Hyo Shin (left) and V (right) on the second show | @starnight959/Instagram

As good as the shows were, the first one on September 27 was overshadowed by what happened after.

When the idol was leaving the studio, V rolled down his window to wave at fans. Yet, when that happened, some started running after the car and almost hit it. After sensing the danger, V pulled his hand back in to roll up the window.

| @inlove_jsh/Twitter

After the chaos that happened on the first night of the radio show, many wouldn’t have been surprised if the idol had more security or even found more private methods of arriving and leaving the venue.

Even when he was safely inside the venue, ARMYs were always on his mind. Although reporters were allowed inside, the idol shared his sadness that ARMYs couldn’t have joined him, especially as the weather wasn’t the best.

| @_taeling_/Twitter      

When the show was ending, V got down on his knees, and ARMYs there said the idol was trying to keep communicating with fans while the blinds were going down. Many explained that he kept asking for more time.

| @_myanpanman_v/Twitter

After the show had officially ended, it was time for V to leave. To avoid the chaos that happened the day before and keep ARMYs safe, V took his own steps to ensure that he could still interact with fans.

As the car was moving, unlike the day before, ARMYs were not running after the car. To ensure that they stayed safe, V opened his car window and kept gesturing to ARMYs to stay away from the car, so they didn’t hurt themselves.

| @mjlee12796/Twitter

When he was certain the ARMYs were listening and safe, V started waving at the fans with the biggest smile on his face. Knowing that the fans weren’t going to get injured, V was allowed to interact with them more, and he seemed much more positive.

| @mjlee12796/Twitter

Upon seeing the video, netizens couldn’t get over how kind and caring V was. Not only did he constantly ensure that ARMYs would be safe but after realizing they were listening, he appeared calmer and could interact more.

As always, when fans are calm and don’t put themselves in danger, it allows the idols to interact more. V made ARMYs his top priority and only let down his guard when he was sure they were all safe.

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