Vogue Stylist Captures BTS V’s True Personality Behind The Scenes

It shows his duality.

Last month, GQ Korea and Vogue Korea brought us the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. For this special pictorial, each BTS member wore several designer outfits, all by Louis Vuitton.


V’s photos combined comfort with class. He went from wearing a casual black tee to a classic gray suit…

…a bright, white ensemble…

…and a trendy outfit inspired by sportswear.

V also wore this clash of patterns and textures for his outdoor shoot.

In an Instagram story, Vogue Korea stylist Kim Kyung Min recently shared a video of BTS’s issue. She captioned it, “The Vogue January issue that’s on its way to becoming the best-selling ever.” 

Kim also shared a behind-the-scenes photo of V’s “superstar glow” on set. V radiated chic, top model energy in his official photos, but this “b-cut” captures his warm, easygoing personality.

Oh that reminds me, here’s a b-cut sunbae sent me [emoji] doing hard work

— Kim Kyung Min

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