BTS V’s Iconic Weverse Look Wasn’t Just For Aesthetic, And The Meaning Showcases His True Personality

V’s style shared an important message!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are certified fashionistas, one person who is always at the top of the list is BTS‘s V.

No matter whether he is performing on stage, out and about, or just hanging out, V always looks super expensive and stylish while showcasing his personality in his outfits.

BTS’s V | Weibo

In particular, the idol recently wowed netizens in a photoshoot for his recent Weverse magazine. As expected, the idol looked absolutely amazing in the shots, and it really seemed to set a precedent for “Chapter 2” of BTS’s career, which seems a lot sexier.

BTS’s V for Weverse | Weverse

| Weverse

If that wasn’t enough, V then went onto Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes snaps of the looks, and he definitely showcased a truly expensive side to himself. He donned looks as if he came straight off a movie set or catwalk.

| @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

Well, it seems like it wasn’t just V who looked expensive… because his clothes actually were as well. In the shoot, V was wearing a Yves Saint Laurent Satin coat ($3,590 USD) and a stunning Valentino Silk Shirt ($1,150.00).

| Yves Saint Laurent

| Valentino

Yet, the item that gained the most attention, not for its price but for its meaning, was the beautiful necklace V was wearing. According to various Twitter users, V was wearing the Luisaviaroma LVR Sustainable Spoon Necklace which comes in at €488.00.

| Luisaviaroma

The reason that it has been praised is because of the core ethics of the brand Luisaviaroma.

According to the website, the brand is dedicated to making sure that its products are not only beautifully crafted but help the environment by being vega and recycling and upcycling old item. If that wasn’t enough, the brand is dedicated to working with non-profit organizations that tackle issues, including supporting women’s empowerment.

In particular, the necklace worn by V has a description that shows that it was created by taking worn or damaged materials, and then they are reused or altered into new pieces, such as the beautiful necklace.

Considering BTS’s desire to help promote environmental sustainability, it isn’t surprising that V emphasizes the cause throughout his daily life. Earlier in the year, BTS teamed up with Samsung to introduce a new global campaign, Galaxy for the Planet.

| Samsung/YouTube 

The members even promote environmental issues during their videos, whether it was using real balloons or promoting the message through posters during their “Permission to Dance” music video.

As expected, BTS’s V continues to showcase that his dedication to the environment is more than just words. The idol ensures that it is part of his own life and showcases his true and caring personality.

You can read more about BTS promoting being environmentally friendly below.

BTS And Samsung Team Up To Save The Planet

Source: Luisaviaroma and @thetaeprint/Twitter

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