Here’s What BTS’s RM Has To Say About His “Rejected Handshakes”

He replied to a fan’s comment about his “timing”.

BTS‘s RM can win music awards and break chart records, but handshakes are a whole other story!

Over the years, fans have watched RM miss out on handshakes over and over again. Sometimes, it’s accidental…

…other times, his members leave him hanging on purpose. Either way, it’s always entertaining.

On August 7, a fan pointed out RM’s frequent “bad timing” on Weverse, citing some of his rejected handshakes as examples.

They wrote, “Getting the right timing is the hardest for Namjoonie. Why is it always just Namjoonie who has moments like these (laughs) Namjoon who is overflowing with clumsiness is so cute.” 

What did RM have to say about it? Practice doesn’t always make perfect.

Even with practice, there are some things that still don’t work..

— RM

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