BTS’s “Winter Bear” V Breaks Down His Winter Aesthetic And Fashion

We love his winter fashion! 😍

BTS‘s V loves all things winter!

All the BTS members did individual interviews and photoshoots for both GQ Korea and Vogue Korea‘s January issues. On January 1, GQ Korea dropped behind-the-scenes footage from the members’ photoshoots and interviews.

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During his individual interview, V was asked, “What is your know-how on spending the winter better?” 

V said, “I’m not sure if it’s because I was born in winter but I like winter the best. In the winter, I always leave my Christmas tree at home, listen to carol songs, and I feel somewhat warm if I listen to jazz that has a winter vibe.”

Then, V explained a “peculiarity” of his when it comes to winter fashion. He said, “And one peculiarity of mine is that because I can dress prettier in winter than in summer, I don’t wear padded jackets.”

We definitely have to agree with V that he dresses exceptionally well in the winter!

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Although V admitted he sometimes chooses fashion over warmth, he advised others to not follow his example, no matter how fashionable it may be. He said, “GQ everyone, please don’t follow me, and I hope you wear a thick padded jacket and have a warm winter. Thank you.” 

Check out the full video below!