Busan Rocked By Massive Explosion Seriously Injuring 17 People

The port city is the second-largest metropolitan in Korea.

South Koreans are shocked to learn a huge explosion went off in Busan, the second-largest city in the country.

On September 1, a bathhouse in Busan was engulfed in flames. Reports state the situation would get worse as the flames were a precursor to an explosion. 

The fire reportedly began around 1:40 PM. Luckily, the bathhouse was closed on this day and had no customers. According to reports, the bathhouse soon exploded, injuring 17 firefighters who were putting out the fire.

A witness at the scene told reporters that she had heard two explosions that shook the building.

I heard two bangs, and the whole building shook. I think the firefighters who were putting out the fire and several nearby witnesses were injured.

— Witness

Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire and explosion.

Source: wikitree