[★Video] CCTV footage released of Kil Gun’s violent outburst against Kim Tae Woo

Footage of Kil Gun being acting violently during a meeting with Kim Tae Woo has been released by Soul Shop EntertainmentKil Gun had filed a contract termination lawsuit against Soul Shop Entertainment in December 2014, citing unfair treatment and various difficulties as her cause. On March 31st, Soul Shop Entertainment released the CCTV footage of Kil Gun throwing her phone and water bottle just 5 minutes before she appeared at a press conference. While Kil Gun appeared very emotional and upset, Kim Tae Woo seemed to be composed and collected.

In addition to releasing the footage, Soul Shop Entertainment released a statement as follows: The following statement is a direct translation of Soul Shop Entertainment’s statement as translated by Koreaboo.

1. Kil Gun’s legal problems discovered only after a contract was signed Kil Gun had signed with Soul Shop Entertainment without properly taking care of legal issues with her former agency. Soul Shop Entertainment had found out about her existing legal issues only after she had signed on. Concluding that these issues could have detrimental effects on her career, the agency gave her an extra 12,154,830 won to help her settle the case, on top of what they had initially paid her as a contract fee.

2. Amount of money paid to Kil Gun On July 9, 2013 when signing the contract, Soul Shop Entertainment had paid Kil Gun, upon her request, a contract fee of 20 million won in addition to another 10 million won to support her life style. 6 months after that, they paid her another 12 million won to help her settle her case with her previous agency. In total, 42 million won went into Kil Gun. The reason such an investment was made for Kil Gun was due to Kim Tae Woo. The sole reason the agency invested so much money into a singer who had been absent from the industry for a long time was due to Kim Tae Woo’s existing friendship with Kil Gun.

3. Kil Gun’s false statements with regards to account settlement The company required a settlement for the 42 million won previously paid to Kil Gun and for the 7.5 million won that went into her vocal and dance training. On July 4, 2014, Kil Gun met with director Kim Aeri for the first time. The director met with her and explained to Kil Gun the process of the account settlement and requested for a confirmation and a signature. However Kil Gun responded by verbally assaulting the director, saying, “Fuck why do I have to talk about these things with you.” Along with the verbal assault, Kil Gun threw the settlement papers away and traumatized Kim Aeri, the wife of Kim Tae Woo, who she claimed was her “friend.”

Director Kim suffered from stomach spasms as the result of her meeting with Kil Gun and was hospitalized. The two met once again on August 26th, at which point they finalized the settlements. Kil Gun also claimed that she had not been paid 50,000 won for throwing the first ball at a baseball game. The event was first offered to Kim Tae Woo, but he and the company directed it to Kil Gun in order to promote and expose her to the public. Soul Shop Entertainment requested the event hosts pay a minimum of 50,000 won for the event, as the event involved Kil Gun traveling to Gwangjoo with her manager. On August 26th, Kil Gun herself said to deduct the leftover amount from the 50,000 won (minus food costs and travel costs, which equaled to 5,899 won) from the 42 million won and signed a settlement for it.

4. Kil Gun’s lack of qualifications she showed at All Shook Up public auditions Soul Shop Entertainment told Kil Gun that there was an open audition for the musical All Shook Up and Kil Gun participated in the audition under the company’s recommendations on September 1st. When she found out that she had not been selected from the audition, she raised her voice saying, “I’m not even a rookie, but you made me put a name tag on and audition publicly in front of people. Why did you make me audition when there was such short amount of time for practice.” We believe this mindset is not fitting of a singer. If any singer wants to be a part of a musical, we believe that it is proper protocol for them to audition. If she does not agree, then she must explain why she could not show us even the most basic qualities of a singer in her audition on September 1st.

5. Continued verbal assault and threats from Kil Gun Kil Gun was not ready as a singer but kept contacting Kim Tae Woo privately demanding, “Why do you keep changing your words and postponing my album release. Since I cannot work due to having no album release, pay me a salary of 3 million won per month in advance.” Kim Tae Woo answered that such a thing would have to be done through the company, not personally, and Kil Gun began to verbally assault and threaten him. When an artist is not ready, album release dates can always change. Kil Gun was not ready and the company decided that she needed more time.

On October 13th, she met Kim Tae Woo at the 4th floor recording room of the company. During the meeting, Kim Tae Woo said it is going to be difficult to release the album within 2014 and said that they should prepare more and aim for a release in February 2015. Kil Gun than requested an advance payment of 3 million won and when Kim Tae Woo replied that the company will not be able to pay her in advance anymore, she began to swear at Kim Tae Woo saying “Ssibal,” screaming, and even throwing her cellphone at the recording apparatus. This event is evident in the CCTV footage. Kil Gun did not appear as someone who was seeking help. However, she is twisting the truth and victimizing herself.

The fact that she even recorded a phone conversation between her and Kim Tae Woo, whom she claims is her friend can only mean that she was preparing to take legal action against the court in order to avoid settling the contract fee, as well as the other investments the company has made for her. She also threatened the company, saying there are two ways she could make the company burn, “Coming to the company and taking drugs to commit suicide or committing suicide and mentioning the company in her suicide note.” 


Source: My Daily