Cha Eunwoo Gave This Very Special Gift To All Of His Agency’s Employees

He’s truly an angel.

Cha Eunwoo prepared a customized gift for all the employees at Fantagio Entertainment and proved just how generous he is!


Posts that have been showing off the specialized gift they received from Cha Eunwoo himself have been appearing on social media and earning Cha Eunwoo even more respect and love from fans and employees alike!


The gift was a perfume set from the brand, Atelier Cologne, which Cha Eunwoo is modeling for and despite the fact that he is the brand’s face, he apparently bought all the gifts with his own money!


The perfume was also featured in Cha Eunwoo and Lim Soo Hyang‘s latest drama, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, as Lim Soo Hyang’s favorite perfume.


And with each gift personalized with each employee’s name engraved on the leather case, the employees expressed that they were completely touched.


Cha Eunwoo is truly an angel not only in appearance but apparently in his heart as well!

Source: Instagram and Instagram