Chancellor, Formerly Known As One Way Chance, Joins BRAND NEW MUSIC

Korean media reports that Chancellor will be joining San-E and Verbal Jint as an artist in Brand New Music

Brand New Music is one of the biggest hip-hop label in the Korean industry. They announced on March 24th that they have signed artist and producer Chancellor formerly known as One Way member Chance.

Chancellor, following his debut as an artist in group One Way under the name Chance, has been producing music under Dublekick Entertainment. He is most famously known for producing A Pink’s “Mr. Chu,” SISTAR’s “Loving You,” “Give It To Me,” and “Shake It,”Girl’s Day’s “Something,” and most recently Lee-Hi’s song “Official.”

Upon signing, Brand New Music revealed to Korean media TV Report:

“We have decided to sign member Chancellor from Korea’s best producing team Dublekick Entertainment. He is notoriously known for his amazing producing skills in the industry but he is also a talented vocalist who has great potential with his soulful and r&b-like voice. We will prove his talents through Chancellor’s new music in the near future.”


Source: TV Report