Child Model Ella Gross Met Her YG Unnies, And Her Instagram Post About It Is Heartwarming

“Literally surrounded by 4 of the sweetest, most beautiful and talented unnis!”

 This Korean-American child model has finally met with her older sisters at YG Entertainment after becoming a trainee. 


Ella Gross is certainly used to the attention for her beauty and appeal by now, but she recently gained a lot of interest after signing for YG Entertainment’s sub-label, The Black Label. 

Korean-American Child Model Ella Gross Has Reportedly Signed With YG Entertainment’s Sub-Label


And although she has already met BLACKPINK’s Jennie previously… 

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…The internet was not ready for this meet-up between all members! 

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They all looked so adorable, Ella Gross could just be their mini-me. 


BLACKPINK better watch out once Ella Gross achieves her true potential!