China’s #1 girl group 1931 names their all-time favorite Korean entertainers

China’s #1 girl group 1931 recently participated in an interview and photoshoot with Korea’s star1 where they divulged their all-time favorite Korean entertainers.

One of the questions asked of the girl group was “Who is your favorite Korean celebrity?” to which the members answered, “EXO, Kim Jong Kook, and Gary.”

Member Wei Yuxin added, “We all adore SBS’s ‘Running Man.’ Gary’s ‘sseom’ relationship with Song Ji Hyo is interesting, and Kim Jong Kook has a manly charm.”

Another member Su Su (Su Xin) said, “EXO is perfect in both singing and dancing. In particular their ‘sharp knife’ choreography, their stage performances are the best.”

The photoshoot and full interview will be available in the August 2015 issue of star1.

Source: Starnj