Chinese expert reveals the reason behind Kris and Luhan’s departure from EXO

An expert in Chinese entertainment, president Wang, gave insight to the departure of Luhan and Kris at the ‘2015 World Knowledge Forum’ held in Chengdu, China on May 20th.

President Wang stated, “In Korean entertainment the music industry is the core and even Chinese entertainers train in Korea first to become singers. However, Chinese entertainment holds film as its core. When Chinese celebrities come back from training in Korea they first attempt to move into the acting industry. If Korean entertainments fail to provide this chance to their artists, they become worried for the security of their future.”

He also pointed out the issue of income. “At least 20~30 Chinese celebrities make approximately 100 million yuan (approximately $17.5 million) a year. However the income of Korean celebrities is far less. So if an artist has to choose a market to work in, the answer is quite obvious.”

“Chinese artists used to depend on agencies in the past as well but now celebrities set up private workshops as soon as they gain fame. This is because the internet is a far more affordable marketing channel. This in turn caused the relationship between artists and companies to weaken. Korean entertainment agencies, however, still attempt to control their artists.” Hinting that the difference in the system of the two countries may have caused the celebrities to depart.

He suggested that in order to prevent Chinese members from leaving, Korea must open up and perhaps have their celebrities train in China or manage their artists in cooperation with Chinese companies.

Source: TV Report