Chinese K-Pop Idols Face Massive Criticism From Korean Netizens For “Supporting China’s Involvement In The Korean War”

“I can’t stan them knowing this is what they believe in their hearts…”

For the Chinese, October 25 of 2020 marks the 70th year since their military involvement in the Korean War of 1950. Starting as early as on October 23, some Chinese K-Pop idols — like f(x)‘s Victoria — began sharing Weibo posts to commemorate the Chinese lives lost during the war.

The commemorating image Chinese K-Pop idols are sharing on Weibo. | Weibo

The posts read, in general, “Remember history, value peace, and show respect to heroes!” along with a specific hashtag — “#Celebrating The 70th War to Resist America and Aid Korea Memorial DayThese posts also include the Chinese CCTV News‘s initial Weibo post about the “memorial day“.

f(x) Victoria’s Weibo post, translated into Korean. | Weibo

Other popular Chinese K-Pop idols who uploaded similar celebratory posts include Cosmic Girls (WJSN)‘s Cheng XiaoMeiqi, and Xuan Yi

| Weibo

… as well as EXO‘s Lay and former members Kris and Luhan

EXO Lay’s Weibo post in Chinese. | Weibo


… along with former PRISTIN member Zhou Jieqiong.

Former PRISTIN member Zhou Jieqiong’s Weibo post, translated into Korean. | Dispatch

And Korean netizens are infuriated. Many have taken to online communities to express heavy, unfiltered criticism at these idols and their posts.

For the f*cking gazillionth time, get the story straight. The North invaded the South. China helped the North. There is no other version to this story. It is called the Korean War. And the audacity of these so-called K-Pop idols to upload social media posts commemorating some fake a*s memorial day? I am so done with Chinese members in idol groups. I can’t stan them knowing this is what they believe in their hearts. They can go back to their countries if they so wish to keep distorting historical facts and spreading sh*t like this.

— Korean Netizen

Netizens are calling out the idols’ “blatant and shameless participation in distorting the historical record“.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Korean War served as a tension-building topic in the K-Pop scene. Earlier this month, BTS received backlash after mentioning the Korean War in their James A. Van Fleet Award acceptance speech. Chinese netizens condemned RM for “hurting their feelings and negating history“. Read more about how that unfolded:

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