Chinese Netizens attack Tao upon announcement of solo mini-album release

Chinese netizens have been expressing their discontent upon learning that Tao will be releasing a solo mini-album on July 23rd.

On July 14th, Korea me2day, one of the most popular sources for Korean entertainment news on Weibo, posted, “[Huang Zitao will be releasing his solo album in China on the 23rd] Huang Zitao’s side posted on its official Weibo account on the 13th, ‘7.23 Huang Zitao Z.TAO will be having a solo comeback with his first mini-album, please anticipate!’ It also updated with a poster for Huang Zitao’s solo comeback.

The post prompted Chinese netizens to make personal attacks against Tao, with the following comments receiving the highest number of likes on the post.

1. [+3652] If ugliness can generate electricity, then the world is being lit up by Zitao.

2. [+3416] I’m so relieved to see everyone hating on this in the comments.

3. [+3362] Looks, acting skills, vocal abilities, rapping talent, and character, can you tell me what is actually good about him?

4. [+3302] He’s ugly, and now he’s singing? Go home and eat poop.

5. [+2910] I’ve been alive for 20+ years and this is the first time I’ve seen a male celebrity that is so low [class] and shameless.

6. [+2821] Really ugly.

7. [+2769] What kind of songs can he actually sing?

8. [+2764] So the songs on the new album will be called “Betrayal,” “Slapped in the Face,” “I Love Korea,” “I’m Ugly and Have a Hot Temper,” etc?

9. [+2544] So extremely ugly.

10. [+2441] Feel so low [class] all of a sudden.

Source: Weibo