Chinese “Produce 101” Fights Back Saying It’s Illegal For Meiqi And Xuanyi To Leave Rocket Girls

The fight seems never-ending.

The future for Cosmic GirlsMeiqi and Xuanyi seems to be a never ending fight as the Chinese Produce 101 fought back against Yuehua Entertainment‘s claims that the two idols will be leaving Rocket Girls to focus solely on Cosmic Girls.

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Yuehua Entertainment, the Chinese agency managing Cosmic Girls, announced that they will be departing the group because the Rocket Girls’ agency proposed an overworked schedule that will cause psychological and physical damage.

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“Zhou Tian Entertainment, the management in charge of Rocket Girls, created an irrational schedule for [Meiqi and Xuanyi] that will leave them with psychological and physical damage.

They didn’t even give them a reasonable vacation time to rest.”

— Yuehua Entertainment

Once news of their departure got out, Rocket Girls’ management made an official statement that it was illegal for the members to leave Rocket Girls.

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“We never insisted on the irrational schedule that [Yuehua is stating]. It’s illegal to break a contract solely for the two reasons that they’ve listed.”

— Chinese Produce 101

They also sent out a warning, claiming that marketing agencies and other partnered labels should respect Rocket Girls’ exclusive contracts.

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“We hope that all joint ventures, including advertisers, respect the exclusive management rights that Zhou Tian Entertainment has of the members.

We will not tolerate joint ventures that violates the legitimate interests of our company.”

— Chinese Produce 101

As the two agencies continue to send out conflicting statements regarding Meiqi and Xuanyi’s future careers, the fans wait anxiously for a peaceful solution.

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Source: Xportsnews and TV Report
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