Chinese Singer Accused Of Plagiarizing Apink’s Song, Agency Responds

Plan A Entertainment is dealing with the matter.

A Chinese internet star, Morgen Qu, has been involved in a controversy over alleged plagiarism of Apink‘s track “My My”.


A song called “Lucky Card” released by the Chinese singer in early September has been in the spotlight for being extremely similar to Apink’s “My My”.


After realizing the controversy the song had sparked, the composer of “Lucky Card” gave an explanation through an SNS post.

“I’ve become aware of the controversy over the similarity in the songs. The controversy seems to arise from the similarity in the rhythm of the songs but I was not aware of the fact that a song with a similar rhythm existed while composing the song. Moreover, the song was arranged by an outsourced arranger so we are currently taking the procedures to cancel the contract.”

ㅡ “Lucky Card” composer


The composer also stated that the controversy was not related to the singer and asked everyone to refrain from criticizing the artist.

“The plagiarism controversy is unrelated to the singer who sang the song. Please refrain from criticizing the artist.”

ㅡ “Lucky Card” composer


Meanwhile, Apink’s agency issued a statement in regard to the issue clarifying that they will discuss how to deal with the issue after confirming the facts.

“After we confirm the details, we will discuss more about the copyright issues, etc.”

ㅡ Plan A Entertainment


“Lucky Card” has apparently since been removed from the music streaming service, NetEase Cloud Music.


Listen to Apink’s “My My” below:

Source: Sports World