Choo Sarang goes on a campaign to get a younger sibling

Return of Superman child star Choo Sarang wants a sibling!

On September 17th, a netizen on online community board DC Gallery published photos of the adorable child in a post titled “Certification shot of Choo Sarang in a ”Dongsaeng Want You’ T-Shirt.”

Though looking a bit grouchy, Choo Sarang can be seen wearing a bright yellow t-shirt that reads “I want a younger sibling” in the front, and in the back, “Starting today, I’ll go to bed early.”

Her father and mixed martial artist fighter Choo Sung Hoon has previously stated on the show that he has no plans of having another child. However, his wife has voiced multiple times on Return of Superman that she would like to have another child, particularly a son.

Source: Star Today and DC Inside